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Why Customer Privacy matters to Ipon Tayo

The customer’s right to privacy is of great importance to Ipon Tayo. Ipon Tayo recognizes that when a customer chooses to provide Ipon Tayo with personal information, the customer places confidence in our ability to handle customer privacy in a responsible manner.

Ipon Tayo believes this information should be used solely to improve the services provided for the customer. Ipon Tayo has put this privacy policy together to state that we protect the customer’s personal information.

Personal Information Collected by Ipon Tayo

When subscribing at Ipon Tayo, Ipon Tayo will collect the customer’s information, which includes name and email address.

Protecting Customer and Visitor Privacy

Ipon Tayo will take appropriate steps to protect the customer’s privacy. Whenever the customer provides sensitive information (for example a name and email for email subscription), Ipon Tayo will take all reasonable steps to protect it, such as encrypting the customer’s information. Ipon Tayo will also take reasonable security measures to protect the customer’s personal information in storage.

Occasionally Ipon Tayo may disclose the customer’s name and address to third parties when required for delivering specific services and products requested by the customer. Ipon Tayo will not provide any of the customer’s personal information to other companies or individuals for marketing purposes without the customer’s permission.