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Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to share our learning on the topics of finance, business, and personal finance.

About Us


Ipon Tayo is founded by James Bryan Gonzales. His goal is to share his passion with Personal Finance. This project evolved into doing work for the community with the partnership with InfoTrust Foundation.

Partnership - InfoTrust Foundation

InfoTrust believes it is the responsibility of a business to leverage growth as an opportunity to give back to our communities. With this in mind, our growth efforts are focused first and foremost on what we get to contribute as we grow as a company, specifically committing to the needs of children and education. Say hello to the InfoTrust Foundation.

“Our purpose is not to help the enterprise sell more stuff,” says InfoTrust co-founder Alex Yastrebenetsky. “This is what we do. We’re really, really good at what we do. Our purpose is to become better people in pursuit of what we do.”



List of Articles from Ipon Tayo

Here’s a list of articles written by Ipon Tayo

8 Tips For Students On How To Save Money From Allowance

8 Tips For Students On How To Save Money From Allowance

“Money speaks only one language, ‘If you save me today, I will save you tomorrow." This quote states an advantage a person can get from saving money. Applying this to one’s life can help prevent possible financial problems in the future. The consistent practice of...

7 Hakbang Patungo Sa Magandang Kinabukasan

7 Hakbang Patungo Sa Magandang Kinabukasan

“Paano ba maging financially free?” Sumagi na ba sa isip mo ang katanungang iyan? Basahin ang mga hakbang patungo sa magandang kinabukasan. Unang Hakbang: PHP 10,000 Emergency fund Ang emergency fund ay ang pondong nakalaan para sa mga pangyayari sa ating buhay na...

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